Let me start by saying I do not get any payment or any form of compensation for “endorsing” accounting software or anything like that, I am just an avid user of MANY different types and came across this and was astonished over its most unique feature that touches every cheap accountant close to their hearts …. IT IS FREE.  I have waited to write this post until I have used the product for some time now and I will admit the software is not perfect, but I have still had a whole lot of success and the company appears to be motivated in adding features as quickly as they can. The name of the software is Wave Accounting and it is a cloud based accounting service. You can click the link below to check out a detailed list of the features for yourself, however, I cannot end this post without a tiny explanation of a feature that allows you to almost completely automate your accounting system. Wave allows you to directly link your business checking accounts and credit cards to your wave accounting system. Since most debit transactions or credit card charges hold vendor information, Wave saves where you have previously categorized that vendor and automatically categorizes it for you. You of course have the opportunity to review the categorization, but this has been a major time saving feature. If you have ever used for your own personal finances this works similar to that, but for business. Aside from the price being free, this is hands down the best feature I have used. For more info visit As I would recommend with any accounting software, have a professional assist you in the start up phase of new accounting software implementation. The money spent on this professional will pay you back 10 times over in the time you will save yourself and the time your accountant saves when preparing your tax returns or financial statements.


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