About Us

WHO WE ARE: We are a small group of entrepreneurial, technologically literate (yea I said it, accountants that embrace technology) accountants with a broad mix of experiences ranging from big 4 accounting firms to local small business bookkeepers. We stay in the forefront of the ever changing accounting industry allowing us to create innovative results for our clients. We are one of the few accounting firms that realize technology can give our clients a better, more hands on experience at a significant time and cost savings, making our firm a leader in our industry for over 50 years.

WHAT WE DO: We don’t just prepare tax returns and conduct audits. We begin our approach by spending sufficient time listening and understanding the big picture of our client’s situation. We then put our ideas and experiences to work, tailoring specific solutions that are the most effective and efficient one in light of that specific scenario. Wasted time and money is not what we are in the business of doing, and our clients certainly enjoy that.

We do it because we care about our clients and the continued success of their businesses. And, believe it or not, we actually enjoy accounting, and even taxes, but not paying them of course. We enjoy the complexities and planning opportunities that are out there. But most of all, we just like to help people, and accounting and taxes are what we are good at.

WHERE ARE WE LOCATED: We are conveniently located in New Milford, Danbury, Orange, and Lakeville Connecticut, however, we are always available remotely via interactive communication sources. We use secure, state of the art, interactive client portals for transferring documents to ensure your information is secure at all times.

WHEN: The age old question, when. These days nobody likes waiting, and we understand that. This is why we don’t have 10 levels of management that need to get their two cents and billable hour in, we believe those days for accounting firms are over. When our clients call for a quick answer while walking into a board meeting, they get an answer, immediately. We feel we have the perfect amount of support to handle any size engagement effectively and most of all, efficiently.

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