Accounting and Assurance Services

Financial Statement Audit, Review and Compilation Services
Financial Budgeting and Forecasting
Other agreed upon procedures

Financial Statement Audit, Review, and Compilation Services:
Lending institutions, bonding companies, investors and governmental agencies often require audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statements. While these services often come about out of necessity, we see it as an opportunity to provide solutions to our clients that ultimately lead to increased profitability and efficiency. Rather than just hand over financial statements to our clients we would teach our clients how to analyze them and utilize them in a way to leverage best practices within their organizations. With over 50 years of experience in accounting, Greenhaus Riordan will customize our attest approach around your specific needs, working efficiently and effectively in order to meet your deadlines.

Financial Budgeting and Forecasting:
Whether you’re working through your first business plan, a major capital expansion, or seeking financing for a specific project, your business will need a financial budget and forecast to ensure the financial viability and financing needs for your plan. Our accountants have experience in creating organized and understandable financial budgets and forecasts and can assist you in your specific situation.

Other agreed upon procedures:
Other accounting or assurance services come about from industry specific regulatory compliance or a specifically desired reporting need. Other services commonly include:

  • Form 990 Audits of non-profit organizations.
  • Audits of employee benefit plans
  • Independent control assurance
  • Construction Contractor Accounting

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